Aikido Institute

I haven’t exactly been swimming in huge budgets lately. In fact, those bottomless wells of easily accessible, wildly spendable funds are a luxury that continue to elude my clients, and subsequently, my projects.

Of course, we deal with that by sending out messages that are targeted, very relevant, and unexpected enough to get attention.

Case in point:

The Aikido Institute where I train has a very, very small marketing budget. So the best way to generate traffic is to pursue qualified leads — people who have requested info, visited or somehow already expressed interest. We do that through a series of post cards, sent out when we want to see an enrollment spike, or if there’s something interesting happening at the school, like a demo or a black belt test.

We can’t spend our way into anyone’s awareness. We have to show them something cool, remind them why they were interested in the first place, and invite them back. The solution is cheap and fun. But it also clearly positions the art and the school. It was shot by photographer Rick English, who cut us a break because he found the movement so interesting. The background pattern is based on traditional Japanese textiles.

If you’re interested, class is 6:30 p.m. nightly.